Special programs!

Leash Reactivity – If your dog snarls, lunges, barks on leash, I offer group classes, 1:1 help, and even have a self-serve / self-paced option.

Dogs and Kids programsdog bite prevention programs (FREE!) for ages 4-12 and family dog training to get the whole family involved.

Self-Paced classes are an economical and effective way to get help. And more are being added all the time!

FREE 15 minute phone consult

If you need a dog trainer in the greater Sacramento area, schedule a 15 minute phone consultation now.

Training sessions include

Notes and homework – you will have high quality notes on our sessions that you can refer to any time or share with other family members

Email access, Text, SMS – while we are working together, if you have questions or concerns you can contact me at any time

Private Lessons

Training – $120 / hour

Fear and Aggression – initial consultation $150