Additional Courses and Workshops

Kayla Block, CTCFamily Dog & Bite Prevention Training Programs

  • Family Dog Private Trainer
  • Stop the 77 (Dog Bite Prevention)


  • Pat Miller – Fearful Dogs

Aggression & Reactivity

  • Trish McMillan and Michael Shikasio – Defensive Handling with Aggressive Dogs
  • Kelley Bollen – Understanding Aggression in the Domestic Dog
  • Grisha Stewart – BAT 2.0 (I don’t use these techniques)
  • Michael Shikashio’s – Aggression in Dogs (resource guarding, reactivity, human and dog-directed aggression)


  • Ken Ramirez – Handling Problem Behaviors and Mistakes
  • Kelley Bollen – How Animals Learn

Animal Shelter Topics

  • Kelley Bollen
    • Intake and Adoptions: A Behavioral Perspective
    • Reading Dog & Cat Body Language and Safe Animal Handling
    • Stress Recognition and Reduction
    • Behavioral Environmental Enrichment
    • Canine & Feline Behavioral Evaluations
    • Training & Behavior Modification in the Shelter

Graduate Academy for Dog Trainers CTC