Why choose Understanding Dog Training?

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Dogs don’t always understand what humans want them to do.

We humans don’t always understand why our dogs do the things they do.

You will get the relationship you want with your dog, all while using methods that are scientifically proven effective and kind.

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fear and fear-aggression

Fearful Dogs

Fearful dogs are the reason I became a dog trainer. I love watching them blossom and gain confidence.

Fearful dogs may cower, shake, hide, or may even bare teeth, growl, and show aggression.

Fearful dogs can be noise sensitive, show fear of strangers,  and fear of novelty.


bite prevention dog safety kids

Dogs and Kids

Kids love dogs! And children can learn to train dogs too. Your child will receive age appropriate help for how to care for and train the family dog.

This service includes information on dog bite prevention.

dog obedience and training

Dog 101

Do you need help selecting a dog for your family?

Do you have a new dog and need to teach him the basics?

Crate training, house training, leave it, down, stay, walking nicely on a leash, and more to help your dog fit into your household.


food resource guarding jealous dog

Possessive (Resource Guarding)

If your dog is jealous when people or other animals come near you, or he snarls, growls, or even bites when someone comes near his food or toys, help is available. Keep yourself and other members of your household and pets, safe!

Set your puppy up for success


Get your puppy off to the right start in life! Puppies are at an impressionable age and careful socialization can set them up for a confident and happy adulthood.

Help with chewing, crate training, basic manners, and housebreaking are available for you.

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Resource Guarding: Possessive Aggression in Dogs

Resource Guarding: Possessive Aggression in Dogs

What is Resource Guarding? When your dog has something he values, he may growl, snarl, lunge, or even bite when you or another animal try to take it from him or even walk near him. Many people interpret this as a sign that their dog is being dominant and think that...

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